Brighton and Hove Bus 475 'Roy Chuter' Fan Page

Yes, buses can have fans as well as people!

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This page serves more than one purpose. Firstly, as a tribute photo album of the bus bearing Roy's name plying the streets of Brighton and Hove daily. Roy was a dear friend for many years. Secondly, and more importantly, it is a platform for raising interest in a private preservation bid for the vehicle when it is withdrawn by the company - probably around the year 2025. What Roy did in his campaign to save Brighton and Hove Albion was superhuman, and many thousands of fans have him (and a few others) to thank for the club finding themselves in the top flight of English football after 34 years - many of which were truly dark days playing either 70 miles away at Gillingham or at an unsuitable and pitifully small athletics stadium in Withdean. Roy was very much a main cog in the machinery to have the Amex Stadium in Falmer built as the club's wonderful new home - and resulting success. It is such a pity he never lived to see the club's promotion to the Premier League in 2017.

Another great achievement not mentioned on the bus company's site is that Roy was one of the three founders of the pioneering and unique Glastonwick real ale and music festival, with local punk poet Attila the Stockbroker and myself (Alex Hall).

Photos mostly by Alex Hall

Technical details...
Type - Volvo / Wright Gemini B9TL
Seating configuration - DP43/28F (meaning 'dual purpose', high backed seats, 43 on top and 28 below, F for single front entrance and exit.
Built 2013, delivered new 6th November 2013.

Below... 5th May 2017, on the 6. Photos taken in the Brighton Station area. The first one is a close up (because my camera wouldn't focus in time to get the whole bus, doh!) passing Roy's favourite pub in Brighton - The Evening Star, the original home of Dark Star Brewery (who also owned The Duke of Wellington at the time Roy was landlord). As mentioned above, Roy was one of the three founders of the Glastonwick real ale and music festival - it was inside this pub that the event was conceived back in 1996.

Below... 30th April 2017, a hastily snapped shot at Coleridge Street, Hove, near the bus depot it resides at.

Below... 29th April 2017, unusually on the 21 / 21A, which passes two of Roy's former homes. Very aptly, the westbound destination includes the word 'Goldstone'!
The first four photos are at Goldstone Valley, the other three at Queens Park

Below... 15th June 2016, resting in Conway Street Garage

Below... 30th May 2016, North Street

Below... 29th May 2016, Palmeira Square

Below... 27th May 2016, unusually on the 2. The first photo is in Steyning, the second is outside the pub Roy used to run - The Duke of Wellington in Shoreham! A very rare opportunity to snap it there, and I sincerely thank the driver for waiting a couple of seconds so I could do so.

Below... 25th May 2016, Churchill Square

Below... 25th May 2016, on the 6!

Below... 16th May 2016, London Road

Below... 14th May 2016, Churchill Square

This page was created by Alex Hall, May 2017