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Photos by Alex Hall and Felice Wechsler, unless otherwise stated.

Why send an ordinary e-card when you can have a double? (think Belgian beer...)

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Real Ale Pictures

Dark Star 'Sunburst' Dark Star 'Hophead'
Beer mug Freeminer Bitter
The cats drank it!
Maudling the cat, beer critic... Maudling the cat, beer critic...
Maudling the cat, beer critic... Maudling the cat, beer critic...
Townes 'Joseph Porter' hic!
Miami Fabfest Miami Fabfest
Bagel Beer! © Freeminer Brewery
Real ale!!! Davidson Bros.' bottles
Cooper's Cave Brewery, Vermont Greenpoint Beerworks, Brooklyn, NY
Twitbread sign in a brewpub in Vermont 'Reality is an illusion that occurs due to lack of alcohol'
Maudling the cat Broughton Special - not Flowers!
Quote! I distrust camels and anyone else who can go a week without a drink
Brooklyn Brewery, New York, photo (c)Mat Wilson Brooklyn Brewery, New York, photo (c)Mat Wilson
Brooklyn Brewery, New York, photo (c)Mat Wilson Brooklyn Brewery, New York, photo (c)Mat Wilson
Dark Star 'Dark Star'


Non-Beer Pictures

Scenic photos from the U.K.
Kildonan Conwy
Oban Harbour Near Stromness
Loch Treig Mousehole, Cornwall
Criccieth Lamorna Cove, Cornwall
Wick River Piddle, Dorset.
37417 through Achanalt Dornoch
Portree, Isle of Skye Isle of Skye
Thurso Tyndrum
West Highland Line Conwy
West Pier, Brighton Land's End, Cornwall
Brighton Beach (Sussex) at dusk Moo!

New York Scenes
World Trade Center, New York, photo (c)Karen Burchell Long Island Railroad locomotive 276.
East Hampton, Long Island The NYPD's special anti-seagull unit...
Midtown Manhattan from the East River Brooklyn Bridge
Looking towards The Lower East Side Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges
Abandoned Victorian lunatic asylum on an island in the East River. Spooky!!! East Hampton, Long Island
Looking North from the World Trade Center Looking towards The Statue of Liberty and Staten Island

Gig flyers
Gig poster Gig poster

Railway and bus photos from the U.K.
37422, West Highland Line near Tulloch 37404/403/402, Fort William
37427+37407, Cardiff Central 33030, Bath Spa.
45150, Wakefield Westgate in thick fog. DMU at Glasgow Central, 13 Aug 88.
47095 and DEMU, Salisbury. 73208, Gatwick.
20183 and 47096, March, Cambs, 18 April 88. 31296, Manchester, Halloween '88.
LT Routemaster RML2466 50050, Salisbury
50001 and a 37 pass at Saltash, Cornwall, 30 Jan 89. 20087+20058, Boston, photo (c)Jessi Adams
20185 storming towards Leicester, 13 June 86.

Everything Else!
Leaping for a train? Yes, the notice does say 'car park'!!!
Mooning ducks! Photo (c)Karen Wickham Round the bend?
Don't jump! Actual train indicator at London Bridge station
I knew I shouldn't have had that dodgy curry last night...

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Alex Hall 23 September 2000.
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