Alex & Felice's wedding

1st December 2001, Brighton Beach, Brooklyn.

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A huge thank you to everyone who has sent us photos!

Please note, these aren't the official wedding photos.

The outward journey to Brighton Beach from Downtown Brooklyn was
undertaken on a 1964 Bristol Lodekka double-decker bus from the UK!

No, we weren't trying to kill our guests with the low bridge!

Nearly there.

Walking down the 'aisle'...

...onto Brighton Beach!

The ceremony begins.

Jim, who was performing the ceremony, is a minister with the Ethical Culture Society.

Julia was flower girl on the day.

I promise...

The congregation on the beach.

Roy read the John Cooper Clarke poem...

...then Ruth read 'the alternative one'
(actually lyrics from a Lush song).

It's official!

Completed by hop confetti (thanks Fiona!)
liberally sprinkled on us by Ruth.

The newlyweds with Felice's mom...

...and with all the happy relatives.

Back on the bus to the reception at Sparky's.

On arrival...

Many thanks to Tom and Peggy of Heavyweight Brewery for providing
a special one-off cask-conditioned beer for the event!

The festivities...

Left to Right: The groom (and the special beer!), Lori from Anchor Brewery, and Tom from Heavyweight.

Lori with Jason of Collins International (who imports European beers to the US).
Jason took many of these photos so I haven't a clue who took this one!

Felice's relatives enjoying the party.

A close-up of the wonderful cake.

Mr. Davey bellowing...

The Brazen Head on tour!

Felice with proud mom and brother...


"Don't worry, it's only for the cake!"

Raising a toast...

...before cutting the first slice!

Ther Brighton crowd even has special commemorative t-shirts made! Cheers!

'Seminar' time!

Photo: Matt/Karen

Dark Star Brewery's Matt & Karen inspecting the beer - literally!

Tom from Heavyweight Brewery.

Some members of 'VLOG' enjoying the celebrations.

Felice with Evening Star/Dark Star Brewery owner Peter Halliday, plus
Ruth and a host of people who came over from Brighton (not the Brooklyn one!).

Roy, say "Manchester United"... (only joking!)

That's us! :)

And again, flanked by Clair (from Maryland) and Jo (from Preston, Lancashire).

Peter and Simes.

Felice and Nancy (also from Maryland).

Neil and Michele from Sheffield.

Oh dear, the groom seems to be 'trashed'... Doh!

Who ate all the pies...?

Simes tells of his new-found love in Australia...


Alex, Felice, and Peter.

Felice with Gerry, the popular landlord of Sparky's.

Felice with Clair.

A close-up of one of the special t-shirts.

:) :) :) :)

Matt and Karen, who had only recently got married themselves.

Nigel looking happy...

Nancy looking happy...

Frank looking happy...

Paul from Preston looking, err...

Peter, please don't eat the bride!

Felice with Mike of The Independent Imbiber.

More Veg!


Simes says "where did I put my beer?"

Felice with tiara...

...and hair...

...and Alex! :)


Alex Hall & Felice Wechsler, December 2001.