The image previously here was of the Stella Artois logo, modified to read 'STALE TORTOISE'. Otherwise known as 'wife beater'.

Here's what I believe to be a complete listing of the products of the world's biggest five brewing corporations. I generally avoid funding these ever-growing and ever-merging monsters, preferring to spend my money on the superior craftsmanship of local microbreweries and brewpubs. And there seems to be a growing trend to avoid the products of these global giants, both for reasons of politics and taste. So, as a service to those wishing to join in the boycott, I have listed all known brands here. It is a little daunting to look at the scene now and compare it with that of a few years ago. How long will it be before a single entity controls virtually all of the world's beer supply? Of these five most are voracious juggernauts; the only one of the top five that I have a shred of respect for is Heineken.


BIG GLOBAL BRAND = Powerful 'Fat Cat' directors and their greedy shareholders. Many big brewing corporations donate to right-wing political campaigns and/or ruthlessly destroy brewing heritage for the sake of extra $$$.

LOCAL MICROBREW = Local community, local economy, local workforce, local jobs, local taste...

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World's no.1: InBev (Interbrew merged with AmBev) (including any subsiduaries)

Global base: Belgium

Commonly known as 'Interbred'...

Alexander Keith's IPA Alexander Keith's Light Ale Alexander Keith's Honey Brown Ale Alexander Keith's Celebration Amber Ale Antarctica Pilsen Antarctica Pilsen Extra Antarctica Cristal Antarctica Serramalte Antarctica Original AstikaThe image previously here was of the Boddington's logo. Boddingtons' closure is The CRIME of Manchester Baisha Baisha Gold Bagbier Bagbier Classicheskoye Bagbier Krepkoye Bagbier Nashe Bass Beck's Beck's Dark Beck's Oktoberfest Beck's Gold Beck's Light Beck's Alkoholfrei (non-alcoholic) Belle Vue Framboise Belle Vue Gueuze Belle Vue Kriek Belle Vue Kriek Extra Belle Vue Kriek Primeur Belle Vue Selection Lambic Bergenbier/Bergenbrau Blue Star Boddingtons Bohemia Bohemia Weiss Bohemia Escura Boomerang Borsodi Sör Borsodi Póló Borsodi Bivaly Bozicno Borostyan Brahma Chopp Brahma Extra Brahma Light Branik (Staropramen) Cafri Campbell's Scotch Cass Chernigivske Svitle Chernigivske Premium Chernigivske Mitsne Chernigivske Temne Chernigivske Bile Chernigivske Bila Nich Chernigivske Bagryane Club de Stella Artois Das Echte Marzen De Neve Gueuze Gefilterd De Neve Gueuze Ongefilterd De Neve Kriek Diebels Alt Diebels Light Diekirch Premium Diekirch Grand Cru Diekirch Grande Réserve Diekirch Exclusive Dinkel Acker CD-Pils Dinkel Acker Dark Dommelsch Pilsener Dommelsch Ice Dommelsch Dominator Dommelsch Bokbier Primeur Dommelsch Winterbok Bier Double Deer Premium Light Double Deer Dry Double Deer E-Generation Flowers IPA Flowers Original Bitter Franziskaner Hefe-Weisse Franziskaner Hefe-Weisse Dunkel Franziskaner Weissbier Kristalklar Franziskaner Club-Weisse Gilde Pilsener Gilde Ratskeller Haake Beck Krausen Haake Beck NA (non-alcoholic) Hasseröder Hertog Jan Pilsener Hertog Jan Primator Hertog Jan Oud Bruin Hertog Jan Grande Prestige Hertog Jan Tripel Hertog Jan Dubbel Hertog Jan Winterbier Hertog Jan Bockbier Hertog Jan Meibock Hoegaarden Hoegaarden Grand Cru Hoegaarden Speciale Hougaerdse Das Jelen Pivo Jack Op Janneke (Hertog Jan) Jingling Jinlongquan Draft Jinlongquan Refreshing Julius Jupiler Jupiler N.A. (non-alcoholic) K KK Kamenitza Klinskoye Klinskoye Svetloye Klinskoye Zolotoye Klinskoye Lux Klinskoye Redkoye Klinskoye Arriva Klinskoye Samurai Kokanee Kokanee Light Kokanee Gold Kootenay Ale (Columbia) Labatt Blue Labatt Blue Light Labatt Bleue Dry Labatt Classic (John Labatt) Labatt Crystal Labatt Extra Dry Labatt 50 Labatt Genuine Draft Labatt Ice Labatt Lite Labatt .5 Labatt Wildcat Labatt Wildcat Strong Labatt Sterling La Bécasse Kriek La Bécasse Framboise La Bécasse Gueuze Leffe Blonde Leffe Brune (Brown) Leffe Tripel Leffe Radieuse/Vieille Cuvée Lindener (Gilde) Loburg Löwenbräu Original/Premium Löwenbräu Oktoberfestbier Löwenbräu Weisse Löwenbräu Dunkel Löwenbräu Triumphator Löwenbräu Alkoholfrei (non-alcoholic) Lucky Lager Lutece Pur Malt Lüttje Mackeson Stout Milk Mackeson Triple XXX Stout/Milk Stout Malzbier (Brahma/Antarctica) Meister Pils Mousel Premium Pils (Diekirch) Mousel Gezwieckelte (Diekirch) Nik Cool Nik Gold Niksicko Pivo Niksicko Tamno Noroc OB Oland Export Ale Oranjeboom Premium Pilsener Oranjeboom Oud Bruin/Herfstebock Oranjeboom Premium Malt (non-alcoholic) Ozujsko Pivo Ozujsko Izzy Permskoye Gubernskoye Permskoye Gubernskoye Svetloye Piedboeuf Blond Piedboeuf Brown Piedboeuf Triple Red Shiliang Rifey Rifey Uralskoye Rifey Originalnoye Rifey Krepkoye Rifey Osoboye Krepkoye Rock Green Light (Latrobe - Rolling Rock) Rolling Rock (Latrobe) Safir St. Pauli Girl Lager St. Pauli Girl Special Dark St. Pauli Girl Non Alcoholic Santai Sanwald Schooner Schwabenbräu Schwarzer Herzog Sibirskaya Korona Klassicheskoye Sibirskaya Korona Originalnoye Sibirskaya Korona Prazdnichnoye Sibirskaya Korona Krepkoye Lux Sibirskaya Korona Rubinovoye Sibirskaya Korona Yantarnoye Sibirskaya Korona Beloye Sibirskaya Korona Georgievskoye Skol Skol Chopp Claro Skol Chopp Escuro Sladkuv Mestan (Staropramen) Spaten Premium Lager Spaten Maibock Spaten Münchner Hell Spaten Oktoberfestbier Spaten Optimator Spaten Pils Spaten Premium Bock Spaten Dark Staropramen Staropramen Dark Staropramen Granat Prague Staropramen Kelt Original Stout Staropramen Velvet Stella Artois Stella Artois Dry Taller Taller Ice Tennent's Lager Tennent's Super Tennent's Ember Tennent's Extra Lager Tennent's Light Ale Tennent's Pilsner Tennent's Special Tennent's Velvet Ale Tennent's Stout (Export) Tennent's 1885 Lager (Export) Tennent's Scotch Ale (Export) Tolstiak Dobroye Tolstiak Svetloye Tolstiak Zaboristoye Tolstiak Krepkoye Tolstiak Grechishnoye (Buckwheat) Tomislav (part malt extract) Verboden Vrucht/Fruit Defendu Vieux Temps Whitbread Pale Ale Whitbread Best Bitter Whitbread Best Mild Whitbread Gold Label Witte Raaf (Hertog Jan) Wolters Pilsener Premium Yali Dry Beer Yantar Yantar Svitle Yantar Temne Yantar Mitsne Zhujiang Zhujiang Draft Zizhulin 6.8 Zizhulin 8 Non-beer Boomerang Cozmo (alcopop/malternative) Boomerang Vodkice (alcopop/malternative) Boomerang Zest (alcopop/malternative) Bleue Légère/Blue Light (alcopop/malternative) Chernigivske Fitness (non-alcoholic malt drink) Dimix (mixture of altbier and cola - UGH!) Fratelli Vita (spring water) Guaraná Antarctica (soft drink) Guaraná Brahma (soft drink) Marathon (soft drink) Sukita (soft drink) Taller Chill (alcopop/malternative)

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World's no.2: Anheuser-Busch (including any subsiduaries)

Global base: Missouri, U.S.A.

Mmmmm... B-to-the-E. A "beer" that is both an upper and a downer, must be so healthy...

Anheuser World Select Aruba Red B-to-the-E (aka Budweiser Extra) Bare Knuckle Stout Brewhouse Lager Bud Dry Bud Ice Bud Ice Light Bud Light Budweiser Budweiser Select Busch Beer Busch Ice Busch Light Busch NA (non-alcoholic) Devil Ray Red Elk Mountain Amber Ale Foxhound Lager Hurricane Hurricane Ice Jaguar Malt Liquor Killarney's Red Lager King Cobra Premium Malt Liquor Michelob Michelob All Malt Michelob Amber Bock Michelob Black & Tan Michelob Dark Michelob Golden Draft Michelob Golden Draft Light Michelob Hefeweizen Michelob Honey Lager Michelob Light Michelob Marzen Michelob Pale Ale Michelob Ultra Natural Ice Natural Light O'Doul's Amber (non-alcoholic) O'Doul's Premium (non-alcoholic) Pacific Ridge Pale Ale Red Label Red Wolf Safari Amber Tequiza Tomahawk Amber Ale Ziegen Bock Amber Ziegen Light Also A-B has stakes in Red Hook and Widmer Breweries. Non beer 180 (energy drink) Bacardi Silver Bacardi Silver Limón Bacardi Silver Low Carb Black Cherry Bacardi Silver Raz Bacardi Silver O3

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World's no.3: SABMiller (including any subsiduaries)

Global bases: South Africa & U.K.

Altria, formally known as Philip Morris (the tobacco giant), control the
largest share (36%) in SABMiller, virtually owning it as such.

Arany Ászok Bahia (La Constancia) Barrilito (La Constancia) Castle Lager Castle Lite Castle Milk Stout Club Premium Lager Debowe Mocne (Oak Strong) Dreher Classic Eisbrau Czech Gambrinus Gambrinus Dia (Low Sugar) Gambrinus Pale Gambrinus Premium Golden Light (La Constancia) Hamm's Hamm's Draft Hamm's Special Light Hayward's 2000 (aka H2K) Hayward's 5000 Henry Weinhard's Amber Light Henry Weinhard's Blue Boar Pale Ale Henry Weinhard's Hefeweizen Henry Weinhard's Northwest Trail Henry Weinhard's Private Reserve Holsten Icehouse Imperial Klasik Knock Out Kobányai Sör Kozel Kozel Dark Kozel Premium Ksiazece Tyskie Lech Mocny Lech Pils Lech Premium Leinenkugel's Amber Light Leinenkugel's Berry Weiss Leinenkugel's Big Butt Doppelbock Leinenkugel's Creamy Dark Leinenkugel's Honey Weiss Leinenkugel's Light Leinenkugel's Northwoods Lager Leinenkugel's Oktoberfest Leinenkugel's Original Leinenkugel's Red Lager Magnum Malt Liquor Maluti Premium Lager Meister Bräu Meister Bräu Light Mickey's Ice Mickey's Malt Liquor Miller Beer (Red Label) Miller Genuine Draft (aka 'MGD') Miller Genuine Draft Light Miller High Life Miller High Life Ice Miller High Life Light Miller Lite Miller Lite Ice Milwaukee's Best Milwaukee's Best Ice Milwaukee's Best Light Milwaukee's Best Mosi Lager Nastro Azzurro Olde English 800 High Gravity Olde English 800 Malt Liquor Olde English 800 Mixed Fruit Peroni Pilsener (La Constancia) Pilsner Urquell Port Royal Primus Radegast Birell (non-alcoholic) Radegast Original Radegast Premium Raffo Red Dog Red, White & Blue Redd's Regia Extra (La Constancia) Rhino Lager Royal Challenge Premium Lager Salva Vida Saris 10/Light Saris 11/Dark Saris 12/Premium Sharp's (non-alcoholic) Smadny Mnich 10 Smadny Mnich Premium Snow Beer 11°P Southpaw Light Sterling Light Lager Suprema (La Constancia) Timisoreana Tri Bogatyria Bochkovoye Tri Bogatyria Svetloye Tyskie Gronie Ursus Premium Urutislav Wührer Zolotaya Bochka Klassicheskoye (Golden Barrel Classic) Zolotaya Bochka Svetloye (Golden Barrel Light) Zolotaya Bochka Vyderzhannoye (Golden Barrel Aged) Zubr (Bison) Non-beer Frisco (alcopop/malternative) Fusion Banana (alcopop/malternative) Fusion Ice (alcopop/malternative) Fusion Pineapple (alcopop/malternative) Fusion Tropical (alcopop/malternative) Konyagi (spirit) Konyagi Ice (alcopop/malternative) Savanna Dry Premium Cider Savanna Light Premium Cider SKYY Blue (alcopop/malternative) SKYY Sport (alcopop/malternative)

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World's no.4: Heineken (including any subsiduaries)

Global base: The Netherlands
2005 Affligem Blond Affligem Bruin Affligem Christmas Affligem Paters Vat Affligem Tripel Amstel 1870 Amstel Bockbier Amstel Gold Amstel Light Amstel Meibock Amstel Pilsener Amstel Zomergerst Auer Birra Dreher Bochkarev Bezalkogolnoye (non-alcoholic) Bochkarev Bochkovoye Bochkarev CBETROE (Light) Bochkarev Krepkoye (Strong) Bochkarev Pshenichnoye Specialnoye (Special) Bochkarev Svetloye Brand Dubbelbock Brand Oud Bruin Brand Pilsener Brand UP Brand Imperator Brand Meibock Brand Sylvester Buckler (non-alcoholic) E.B. Beer EKU 28 EKU Dunkel Hefeweizen EKU Festbier EKU Oktoberfest Bier EKU Pils George Killian's (France) Hacker-Pschorr Animator Hacker-Pschorr Anno 1417 Hacker-Pschorr Braumeister Pils Hacker-Pschorr Dunkle Weisse Hacker-Pschorr Edelhell Hacker-Pschorr Hefe Weisse Natürtrub Hacker-Pschorr Hubertus Bock Hacker-Pschorr Kristall Weisse Hacker-Pschorr Münchner Dunkel Hacker-Pschorr Münchner Hell Hacker-Pschorr Original Oktoberfest Hacker-Pschorr Sternweisse Hacker-Pschorr Weisse Bock Heineken Dark Lager Heineken Oud Bruin Heineken Pilsener/Lager Beer Heineken Premium Light Heineken Tarwebok Herrnbrau Hefe Weissbier Hell Herrnbrau Hefe Weissbier Dunkel Herrnbrau Leichtes Weizen Herrnbrau Hefe Weissbier Alkoholfrei Herrnbrau Kristall Weizen Herrnbrau Schneewalzer Herrnbrau Weizenbock Herrnbrau Helles Herrnbrau Dunkel Herrnbrau Römergold Herrnbrau Premium Pils Herrnbrau Tradition Herrnbrau Radler Hofbräu Bavaria Light Reserve Hofbräu Bavaria Oktoberfest Beer Ichnusa Ingolstädter Gold Julius Echter Hefe-Weissbier Dunkel Julius Echter Hefe-Weissbier Hell Kapuziner Kristall Weizen Kapuziner Weissbier Kapuziner Weissbier Alkoholfrei Kapuziner Weissbier Leicht Kapuziner Weissbier Schwarz Kapuziner Winter Weissbier Krakus Beer Kulmbacher Eisbock Kulmbacher Export Kulmbacher Lager Hell Kulmbacher Premium Pils Lingen's Blond Lohrer Bier McFarland Red Beer Messina Lager Mönchshof Bockbier Mönchshof Original Mönchshof Premium Lager Mönchshof Schwarzbier Murphy's Irish Red (Netherlands) Ohota Ohota Extra Light Ohota Krepkoye (Strong) Op Ale Panther Lager Paulaner Diät Pils Paulaner Hefe-Weissbier Alkoholfrei Paulaner Hefe-Weissbier Dunkel Paulaner Hefe-Weissbier Leichte Paulaner Hefe-Weissbier Naturtrüb Paulaner Nockherberger Paulaner Oktoberfest Bier Paulaner Original Münchner Paulaner Original Münchner Alkoholfrei Paulaner Original Münchner Dunkel Paulaner Original Münchner Leicht Paulaner Original Münchner Urtyp Paulaner Premium Pils Paulaner Roggen Paulaner Weissbier Kristallklar Pelforth Blonde Pelforth Brune Record Spécial Pression Ridder Maltezer Salvator Doppel Bock Schaff Schierlinger Roggen Tatra Mocne Tatra Pils Thurn und Taxis Pilsener Vos (Ridder)* Wächtersbacher Werner Bräu Wieckse Witte Würzburger Festbier Würzburger Hofbräu Premium Pilsner Würzburger Oktoberfest Würzburger Schwarzbier Würzburger Sympator Doppelbock Zywiec Beer Zywiec Porter *Do not confuse with the the unrelated 'Rare Vos' by Brewery Ommegang, which is highly recommended. Heineken brews Grisette Blonde, Grisette Ambree, and Grisette Blanche under contract for St.Feuillien Brewery. Heineken brews Celis White under contract for Pierre Celis. Heineken brews Postel Dobbel, Postel Tripel, and Postel Kerstbier under contract for Postel Abbey. (Source: Tim Webb)
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World's no.5: Molson Coors (Coors merged with Molson) (including any subsiduaries)

Global base: Colorado, U.S.A.
Aspen Edge Bennett Dominion Ale Black Horse Black Ice Blue Moon Belgian White Blue Moon Pumpkin Blue Moon Raspberry Cream Ale Bohemian Brador Calgary Export Beer Capilano Pale Carling Beer Carling Black Label Carling Black Label Light Carling Black Label Supreme Carling Draft Carling Extra Dry Carling Extreme Carling Ice Club Ale Cold Shots Coors Extra Gold Coors Light Coors Non-Alcoholic Coors Original Coors Winterfest Dave's Cream Ale Dave's Doppelgold Dave's Ice Dave's India Pale Ale Dave's Lager Dave's Light Dave's Scotch Ale Diamond Hi Dry India Beer Keystone Ice Keystone Light Keystone Premium Killian's Irish Red Laurentide Molson Canadian Ice Molson Canadian Lager Molson Canadian Light Molson Cream Ale Molson Dopplebock Molson Dry Molson Ex Light Molson Exel (non-alcoholic) Molson Export Molson Golden Molson Ice Molson O.V. Molson Signature Spring Bock Molson Smooth Dry Molson Special Dry Molson Stock Ale Molson Ultra Molson XXX O'Keefe Strong O'Keefe Ale O'Keefe Extra Old Stock Old Style Pilsner Red Jack Rickard's Gold Rickard's Honey Brown Rickard's India Pale Ale Rickard's Pale Ale Rickard's Red Spring Bock Zima Molson Coors brews Bass under contact for InBev in the U.K. (Source: CAMRA)
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Disclaimer: The information listed here is not guaranteed to be accurate, or may change if further mergers or brand sales take place.

And I really love global brands, yeah...


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