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Note: "Kendra" should read "Susie".

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[Link to The Daily Iowan, letters to the editor, 23 September 2004]

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Ignore the incorrect sub-heading below - this should have read something like
"A Brit declares war on inferior beer".

Oh, and my teeth may be broken, eroded, and missing in places but they're not crooked... :)

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Note that the caption should read "Dave Gonzalez..."

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By coincidence these two entries were consecutively listed but were by different writers (Kevin O'Donnell & Lori Cole respectively); the person who did the public talk about Original Flag Porter at Bierkraft was me!

A good national plug for cask ale - although the bit quoting "...lukewarm, nearly flat..." would have been much more accurate as "...cellar temperature, naturally carbonated...". Likewise for "...cask is uncarbonated..." two sentences later.

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A great piece on Glastonwick by Warren Monteiro.

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